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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Lip Gloss

YOYO Lip Gloss to be exact. Yes, a new link is going up for a new wonderful site. Check out this easy to navigate site for some great products, promotions, and lots of fun! The site features lots of information and is very easy to look at and fun to glance over. So head over and see for yourself!

Monday, October 27, 2008

How To Survive A Horror Movie

With Halloween fast approaching and me being a huge fan of horror movies, I thought I'd whip up a little list in case you ever found yourself trapped in a horror movie. So here goes.

1. If you know you shouldn't go in there then don't go in there.
2. Females should never ever show their boobs. A nip slip means automatic death.
3. If you're black, hispanic, or gay then your best bet is to run away as fast as possible and don't stop until you're at the police station or crowded mall. Because you have no chance against the killer(s). You're only other option is dying in a blaze of glory but in the end no one will even mention it.
4. Don't have sex. You don't necessarily have to be a virgin but just refrain from sex for the period of time the killer is killing. No masturbating either.
5. Don't do any drugs. Just to be safe you should stay away from booze and cigarettes as well. It's always the fool going out to have a smoke that buys it.
6. No short cuts. Stay on the main road. Dirt roads = bloody horrible death.
7. No picking up hitchhikers. Even if they look super hot and super slutty.
8. If you're blonde then dye it. Red heads are fine. Brunettes are fine as well unless you're a black hair died goth. Then dye it and stop being gothy.
9. Don't nag. The nagging "don't go in there!" or "I'm going back to the car!" bitch will never make it back to the car.
10. Stay in threes. Singles and pairs die easily.
11. Being a lesbian is fine as long as you don't kiss any other girls. So as hot as that may be, refrain.
12. The killer is not dead. Chances are the killer is immortal. But he may be just really really hard to kill. Either way, he's not dead. So don't just stand there breathing hard.
13. Listen to the wise old caretaker. His advice may be bad and there is a chance he may be the killer but in general listen to his advice.
14. Check your comrades for bites regularly. They're hiding the fact that they were bitten a few hours before when they snuck out back for a smoke.
15. Don't try to rescue a member of your party. This one may sound callous but it will only get you killed while the friend skips away unharmed.
16. Bring a bike. Your car won't start. Nobodies car will. So ride a damn bike.
17. Wear sensible shoes.
18. Don't have heart to heart talk and blab your backstory. As soon as enough pity is worked up for you, you die.
19. If limbs starting falling off your friends then just leave. Run away and don't look back.
20. If your bed starts shaking then move to another bed.
21. Don't ever try to find out what made that weird noise.
22. Don't watch VHS tapes. It's 2008 anyway so why the hell are watching a VHS?!
23. Stay out of towns so small they only have the one creepy sheriff.
24. Drive away quickly if you only notice kids and no adults.
25. Don't play with toys. This includes dolls, puzzles (especially the ones shaped like boxes), action figures, board games, or ouija boards.
26. Never go after your pet. They're perfectly fine and whatever is there will most definitely get you if you try.
27. Leave the zombies/vampires alone. It's one thing killing them in self defense but purposely hunting them will put on their shit list.
28. Shoot them in the head. One head shot can put a quick end to the menace.
29. When your friend is being eaten/killed then use the opportunity to run instead of just standing there screaming.
30. Grab a baby. Babies are usually safe. Unless you grabbed the one with powers. In which case chuck it off a cliff before it looks at you and drives you mad.
31. Don't bother hiding. Killers can smell fear and urine.
32. Killers walk at roughly 35 MPH. So hoof it. So never stop to take a breather.
33. If you see a lone zombie then run because a hundred more are right behind it.
34. Run from any clown you see. They are all evil and wish to do you harm.
35. Stay away from the entire Asian continent. It's full of ghosts, demons, and Michelle Gellers.
36. Don't be the macho guy. Macho guys always die trying to save the slutty blonde who puts out.
37. Don't be the nerd. Nerds of either sex always die. Simply from refrain from mentioning anything nerdy including "how to fix the fuse box" or "how to survive a horror movie."
38. Sleepovers are out. In fact stay away from groups of teenage girls altogether. They're like candy to a maniac.
39. Ditch the cell phone. It can be used to spread curses. This now includes text messages.
40. If you get bitten by a strange animal then find said animal quickly and bring some silver bullets.
41. The kid in the mask isn't trick or treating.
42. Stay away from the Arctic.
43. If you're female and discover your neighbors are satan worshipers then move asap. They either want you to birth the anti-christ or they want to sacrifice you.
44. Stay in the mall. It's only when you try to escape that you die.
45. Don't be a bully.
46. Never take directions from the only gas station attendant for a hundred miles.
47. That creepy scientist who experiments on animals and dead things is not your friend no matter how many times he's invited you in for tea.
48. Don't shower. Showers are notorious for being deadly. As an added bonus your smell might keep the killer away.
49. Vampires are smarter then you. It comes from being hundreds of years old. You can't outsmart them so just be ready with lots and lots of stakes and maybe a sunlamp.
50. If it's Halloween or Friday the 13th then just lock yourself in the basement with supplies, flashlights, and shotguns.

Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'm back! Or am I?

Hey guys! It's been literally forever since my last post. Wondering why? Here's the skinny, make sure you spread the news. =D

The move to my new site has been slow going mostly because I have no clue what I'm doing. So if anyone out there in blog land knows of any really good tutorials walking through moving and stuff then please please let me know. You'd be a great help.

So to do a quick catch up. Maddie is now seven months old if you can believe it! At the moment she weighs 20lbs and is about 30 inches long. She can say mama and baba. She doesn't crawl but it's my guess that she probably never will. She is kind of top heavy, with a big ribcage like her mom. With her center of gravity she'll just stand up and walk one day very soon. She loves to stand and can be propped up against a couch or chair and stand for long amounts of time.

I finally have an up and running car. It's a 1990 Chevy Cavalier and it's a total beast. And I love to pieces. I've already been carting princess Maddie around. Maddie is going to be a pirate for Halloween so I'll most likely post some pics from that.

One quite thing to mention. Notice something new? A new link to yet another great company. I've decided to give my Auslogics link a friend. The link is to and it's definitely worth a visit.

From the site itself: Welcome to your #1 source for complete information on dietary and nutritional supplements. At Nutritional Tree, get the truth before you buy. Because nothing is more important than your health. The truth before you buy. What could be better then that? It gives you reviews by users, ratings, and an incredibly easy to navigate site.

This is a site that everyone should bookmark and should be checked on a daily basis for those that buy alot of medicine type things. Such as Proactive, energy bars, and anti wrinkle cremes. And these are just the things on the first page! So, check out this site and then bookmark it. Because once you've seen it you'll use all the time.

And that's it! Hopefully my next post will be on my new site but I might be back here for a quick Halloween picture show. Seeya!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well Kristen's Thoughts will be moving. I'm finally becoming one of the cool kids and getting my own domain. For the moment my site will be hosted on a free server while I test it out to see if I want to upgrade to the premium account so the name is a little weird right no. So call the next a month a test run. I may not like the service or using something other then blogger so this may not even happen.

Right now I'm setting up the site and expect it to be up in about a week. The hard part will be moving everything over there. I'll still be using this place as a backup but it won't be my blog site anymore. Kind of odd. I've been blogging on blogger for so long. Anyway, I won't be updating for a week and I think my newest blog post will be on the new site. So see you in a week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

50th Post

Well here it is, the big 5-0. Not a huge number but a big number to me. It's been a few days since I posted and I figured I should post something. I couldn't come up with an idea but I didn't want a fluff post for my small milestone. So here are some things that have been on my mind, things I'll probably go into more depth later on when I feel like it.

1. Indigenous peoples loosing their land. The reason being a song I downloaded a few weeks ago by Israel_Kamakawiwo'ole a native Hawaiian. His song a medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World is done with only a ukulele to compliment his wonderful voice. After downloading the song I did a little research on the singer mostly because his name is interesting. I read a but about him as a singer and a cultural influence in Hawaii for his artistic work and for his quest for Hawaiian independence.

This lead me to the thoughts of indigenous people and how terrible it must have been to lose their land to invaders. Invaders coming into their land and stealing their resources, homes, and property. Killing them with disease and murder. You know how the rednecks are always complaining that the illegal immigrants are doing just that? Well, I've come to the conclusion that this is America's karma. I personally welcome them. A friend of mine has several illegal family members living in the US. Sometimes I wish I could speak fluent Spanish so I could stop speaking English around the people who complain about people speaking other languages.

2. I miss my cats. Nothing else here. I just miss them terribly. Stupey passed a few years ago. And Noel who passed away this year. Her death caused me to stop writing on this blog for a while. It still hurts. I mourn them like I mourn a human being. They were members of my family. And I miss them so much, so very much.

3. I haven recently discovered that if I ran a government, it would be a socialist government. Nationstates showed me that. I've also learned that the richer you are the less you want to give. It's non wealthy people that want to save the planet or donate time and money to non trendy causes. Why is this? Does money make you a jerk? Or maybe only jerks get rich.

Bleeding hearts, people who care, seem to want to make the world better therefore have no money because it all goes to helping. Conservatives, people who only care abut themselves, don't want to help anyone or anything and would stomp on a kitten if amused them. Therefore have extra money to spend on themselves and spoiled children because they are selfish and stingy. A generalization or an apt observation?

4. Blogging makes me happy but I don't think I have any readers. I was on this website looking over something and saw the requirement was 10K+ readers. 10,000 or more people! I don't break 100 people a day and even that number is inflated. Who the hell has 10,000 people reading their site everyday? Niche blogs probably. Everyone writes about how to make money off the internet or how to be rich like them. I wonder if I stopped using Entrecard, would all my "readers" disapper and leave me with five hits a day , all of them mine?

5. I'm bored with life. I need a distraction. Thank goodness I'm off to Canobie Lake Park the local amusement park in a few days. I haven't been there in years but with the addition of a new ride I'm there. Adrenaline junkies FTW! And if you're from New England like me then you should know about Spooky World. Spooky world at Canobie this year. I absolutely LOVE having a birthday four days before Halloween. Goodbye hideous bridesmaid dress, hello dead prom queen haha.

So that's it for my big 50th post. Hope you enjoyed it. And hey if you're an Entrecard user, I'll send you fifty credits if you're the first person to comment a non spam post to mark the occasion. Here's for fifty more! Let's leave off with the video for Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World. Hope it makes you smile like it does for me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Worth

I'd like to think of my blog as priceless but unfortunately it is not. This widget told me that. But hey, it's worth far more then I'd ever thought it would be! Check out yours and post the results. Either let me put you to shame or make me cry with your superiority =D

My site is worth $1547.6.
How much is yours worth?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Things

First off, according to my counter, I've been precariously close to hitting the 100 unique hits for a day (so far 93 is the tops). Well the day I hit 100 visitors, I will give out 100 Entrecard credits to one lucky August commenter using a random name generator to pick the winner. So get your comments in to be considered. Each post is a entry into the name generator. But no one wins until I hit 100 people in one day! Last time it happened was in April. So lets do it again!

Second, when Maddie is gone and I'm missing her I watch a video to make myself feel better. Here's the incredibly cute video!

Money and Grief

So I'm alone for the week. Katie took the baby to our fathers so he could visit with her for a while. And I have to say, awwwwwwwwww. The quiet is astounding. Today I sat and watched an entire movie without Katie talking to me or the baby crying. Not that Maddie is a whiny baby. It's just nice. It's times like this that make want to get my own place. But alas, I don't make nearly enough to move out. But it's looking up.

Early this month I won $1000. OVGuide sent me a check after winning their suggest a site contest. Check out the site, it's pretty cool. Anyway, I used the winnings to buy a car. Sometimes I think I might be weird. I could have gotten a nice looking car. But instead I bought a 1990 Chevy Cavalier. Man do I love that car. I think I may be weird because I purposely searched out that car and then drove 100 miles to get it. You know you're out of the way when you're crossing covered bridges.

So with a car I can finally get a job. After I register it of course. After I pay off a three year old fine that I had completely forgotten about of course. By the time I get some money I can get it "inspected", pay off the fine, register it, and get myself a job. Two years I've been stuck here. Two long years. I actually would have gotten a scooter if I didn't have to cart Katie around.

My friend got married and I was a bridesmaid. The reason this is part of the looking up? I am going to destroy the hideous bridesmaid dress and use it to be a dead prom queen on Halloween. I hate it and wish it dead. And when I run it over, it will be! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Cough* *Cough* Moving on.

My birthday is October 27th. So every year I go to the club on Halloween and celebrate in a costume. Last year I got drunk I passed out. My friends suck and left me passed out on a table. Luckily for me I don't get hangovers and they do. So the jokes on them really.

Which brings me to the other part of looking up and my now married friend. The bachelorette party. Went up and then down a street. Hitting every club and bar in between. I bought my friend drinks and I bought myself drinks and damn were we drunk. And then comes the awkward part. You might know by now or not that I'm actually a lesbian. Don't stop reading if that offends you. I rarely talk about it. And it's not really a big deal, which is why I didn't mention it until now. But I do have to mention it so the rest makes sense.

Anyway, my friend and I have known each other for 17 years. Since we were eight years old and in the second grade together. When we were fifteen we kind of kissed. Kind of since I was really to nervous to do much else. Not made out or anything, just kissed. I started giggling and that ended that. She was always on my mind after that but it wasn't until she was standing at the alter with her husband when I realized that I didn't just have the hots for her but I was in love with her. Those weren't wedding tears I was crying. Those were tears of sorrow. It took her getting married for me to realize what I felt for her.

I think in some way she knows this. How I feel I mean. The night before her wedding we happened upon a gay club and went in. She was very drunk and danced and kissed another woman. This may sound shocking. Kissing someone else the night before your wedding but trust me when I say that that it's actually not a big deal. Especially since we found later the bacholer party included strippers. Anyway, she grabs me from off the dancefloor where I was drunk dancing and says that she was making out with another girl and didn't want me jealous.

Even as drunk as I was, I have the presence of mind to not say anything about how I feel about her. And I'm pretty sure, admitting I was jealous as hell would be admitting something. More then anything I don't want her to feel awkward and stop being my friend. I don't think I could stand that. So I say no and off she goes on her merry way. To be honest I wanted to grab her and kiss her. She is so beautiful and smart and cool. She always has been. She's completely crazy. And I that's why love her. She gave me a necklace to wear for her wedding and I look at it and sometimes I feel so sad. I will never get to be with her. In a way though we sometimes are closer then a couple. We talk everyday. When she had a miscarriage and stayed in the hospital, I was there all day with her. When she's sad I talk to her. Granted I want to hold her but that's not to be. She's like a picture in a fancy catalog. You can touch it and admire it. But you know you just can't afford it and you'll possess it.

I don't know. Every woman I look at it or have ever been in a relationship with, I can't help but compare to her. I think I may be alone for a long time. I guess sometimes, you have to take what you can get. It's not great but it's at least better then nothing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Well at least, he's credited as saying it. But is it true?

Today, as I was standing in the kitchen washing some dishes when my sister Katie comes up to me and asks me what a grant is. A fair question. She didn't know if a loan was the same as a grant. I look over and see she is holding a blue postcard.

"Well first off," I say, "that's a scam."

"No, it's not!" Katie says laughing. She's not stupid and she knows what I say is true but to a single mother, the offer of free anything is tempting.

"What do they want to give you?" I ask her.

"Well they say they want to give me a $25,000 grant...." she says, looking at it closely.

"It's a scam," I say again.

"How do you know?" asks Katie.

"It's pretty obvious," says I.

"I'm going to call them," she says laughing.

"Hang up as soon as they ask for money," I say and turn back to my dishes. A few seconds later she walks over to me.

"Yup, they wanted me to buy a book on how to get grants for $59.99!" she says still laughing some more.

"Told you," I say.

"Why do they do that?" she says. Meaning, why do the scammers scam.

"Because they know stupid people will send them money," I say and we both have a good laugh.

My sister is not stupid. She may not be a genius but she is far from stupid. Yet, Katie is a sucker. And the scammers seen to know this. Why she gets every scam known to man in the mail is beyond me. A few weeks ago she gets a letter telling her to send $1 to every person on the list and she will get a dollar and so on and so forth. The most obvious of pyramid schemes. Yet despite the fact that it is so obviously a scam, she comes to me asking if it is true.

She asks in a way that is only half serious. Incredulous is the word. Her brain is telling her that it's bumpcus but her heart is telling her that this might be her big payday. She wants to buy Maddie the things she sees in the rich person catalogs.

Unfortunately this is what makes a sucker a sucker. Suckers come in all shapes and sizes and in all tax brackets. Their brains are working at full capacity but their hearts win out each time. Now some suckers are just stupid. Don't get me wrong. Some people fall again and again because they lack the intelligence to see a scam. But most suckers are average to smart.

Take the elderly for instance. Telemarketers make the most of a smart but lonely older person. Not all the elderly, my maternal grandfather is far to miserly to ever be a sucker. My paternal grandmother could quite easily be a sucker though. But I digress.

According to Snopes: A 1997 newspaper article states: "We have confirmed losses just in the United States of over $100 million in the last 15 months," said Special Agent James Caldwell, of the Secret Service financial crimes division. "And that's just the ones we know of. We figure a lot of people don't report them."

Like most people I would have thought, morons, and moved on. That was until I saw a report on these Nigerian scams on 20/20. Some of these people included doctors and politicians! Which is when I came up with my theory of the sucker. A average to smart individual who still has the innocence to think that people are not out to do them harm.

Suckers will only fall for the same scam once as opposed to the dumbass who will fall for it numerous times and almost actively look for the opportunity to be scammed again. While it's easy to think of a sucker, like Katie, as just another dumbass, remember that suckers are just big-hearted innocents without a lot of common sense.

Remember to get those drops in to win some credits! And with that, I'm out until tomorrow. =D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Featured Blog: Puss Reboots

Just today I entered a contest to win a book. Now I am a reader and love being one. Growing up I would read everything I could get my hands on. As an adult the habit is still there. So when I see a chance to win a brand new book that I've never even head of, I'm there. And thanks to Puss Reboots for having the giveaway. The book is entitled Church of the Dog and looks smashing. The contest is unique and thought provoking. It's not the normal, blog about this and get 10 entries, sort of thing. There is a question that must answered to gain entry.

"To qualify your comment, you must tell me something about Oregon. It can be a fact, a memory, a book or movie that takes place in the state. Be creative." Fun to think about, especially from someone like me who lives as far from Oregon you can be while still in the US. If you're a reader then check out this blog. It includes said giveaway and book reviews. And you may see something interesting that may never have come in your field of vision if not checking this site out. Puss Reboots is a great site and has something for everyone. A little bit of art, reading, and helpful writing make this site fun to read. And if you're a reader, it's a must see.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entrecard Contest + Updates

Just a little contest to brighten your day. The top dropper in a 30 day period will win, lets say, 150 credits. I'll announce in the winner in the end and award the credits. Plus I'll make that blog a featured blog with a small write up.

On to business. I haven't been writing much. Which is weird because so much has happened in my life that probably would have made a good entry. But either way, I'll be updating more soon. So stay tuned withing the next week or so for some big updates and some really big entries about varies topics.

Featured Blog: Mommy Cara Says

Check out the new link up in my header. Click it and it will lead you to a great personal blog called Mommy Cara Says. This is another great blog from the Philippines (and don't we see just so many wonderful blogs from that area!)

Anyway, this blog is a really fun read. It stars (and there just is no other word) an adorable kid named Mikel and his mom who conveniently writes for him. Lots of pictures and a lot of interesting content make this blog a true must see. How many other blogs offer a live webcam of a cute toddler just being cute? =)

The link will be up there for at least the next month, so check it out while you can.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Featured Blog: Praning's Shoutout

As you can see, a new link has made it's way into my header. It's a link for Praning's Shoutout, a well written personal blog coming out of the Philippines. It features everything from poetry, to a money saving guide, to personal opinions and thoughts. So check this blog out for a great read!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Entering a Contest

I'm writing about CrunchNow's contest giving you the chance to win $1000.00 cash to join the contest go here Join CrunchNow's Contest here

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Purchasing Ad Space

The links in my header can be purchase by an Entrecard User for the sum of 500 credits for the month. Please send me a message by commenting here or by messaging me on Entrecard.

This can also be purchased directly from the Entrecard shop

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Air Car: Wave of the Future?

Well I'm officially excited. Excited about the new car that airhead would want to buy. Why? Because it runs primarily on air. You know that stuff you breath? That could run your car for an amazing 106 miles.

According to CNN dated 8/8/08, the Air Car, as it's being called, runs more like a train then a car. Compressed air would move the cars engine pistons.

Popular Mechanics dated 2/22/08 has several great pictures and a run down of the air car's specifics.

The reason for my excitement? The reason should be obvious. Could this little car that could, be the wave of the future? A car that runs mostly on air and costs less then 20k American? The ability to drive perhaps 1000 miles on a minuscule bit of gas?

The world is in crises, even the most die hard anti-environmentalist can see that. How many more years of fossil fuels do we have left? How many more years of oil spills and digging in our most endangered spots do we have left?

This car may be be the next major dud akin to the cars that run on vegetable oil. But..... Just think about that word. Sure it could be a dud, but...... Could this car, this company the wave of the future? A future with far less environmental woes. A future with a safe affordable car that doesn't kill the environment? Could be and could be not. But I sure am excited.

This is a link to the actual website English version for the company of MDI. Thanks to a reader for posting the link!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Censorship in New Hampshire

I don't usually read the Manchester Union Leader due to it's everyone but ultraconservatives are evil and wrong bias. But I usually check through the Sunday news for the gist of the weeks goings on. I just read about the Dilbert issue and went to to check out the strip. For those that don't know, dilbert came out and apparently the strip supposedly mocked christians. Yes this is an old issue. I'm posting about it now because of my local paper refusing to run the strip for a few days because of it. I just really wanted to post this in a place it won't be deleted and I really hate my local paper.

Moving on, I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. I thought with all the weirdness and insanity that religions are part of today they were rife for mockery. I figured people were grown up enough to deal with it a few small quips. I guess I'm wrong, which is more funny then sad

I have to wonder though, if a comic came out mocking Buddhists, or Muslims, or Atheists, would the Union Leader be up in arms then? Of course not. This was done more, not of out of some respect for some religion, but because of the backlash the union leader would have felt from it's christen republican conservative base. Pandering is sad. Even a biased paper should have the guts to do something out of the box, so to speak. I thought the point of the media was to inspire debate and bring people issues, not pick and choose which issue is "appropriate" for it's tender readers.

This strip would have inspired debate and inflamed people on each side of an issue. But instead the union leader went on the side of the safety and frankly, chickened out. Shame on the people who made this decision. Shame on the cowards who were more afraid of their base then on printing something controversial. If you're not brave enough to print something that might offend then you shouldn't be working on a paper. The union leader offends non ultraconservatives everyday without a thought. But when it came right down to it, they just showed us that their readers can dish it but not take it. That's cowardly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Goodbye for Now

I'm taking a break from blogging and I don't know when I'll be back. My little cat is going to vet on Friday. It hurts so bad to know that you're going to lose someone you love. My heart is hurting. I've had her for a decade. I love her so much and I don't know how I'm going to get through this. I can't stop crying and I don't know when I'll be able to stop. Goodbye for now.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Auslogics - A Great Site

To the right you can see a new link up for a company that I've recently found. After trying out their free disk defrag software and being really pleased I decided to check out the site and their other products. I'm not one to endorse products, but this is a great site that makes awesome products. I don't know what I'd do without their super fast disk defrag software. So the link is staying up and I suggest you check it out. Like I said, I do not endorse products. So this is a big thing for me to do so.

This is all a part of me trying to make my computer as fast as possible, which is what I've been doing the last few days. I'll be trying out different products and rating each. Stay tuned for more.

Monday, April 7, 2008

What a Weekend

Well it's been a strange weekend. My friend came to visit from Boston which is why I haven't gotten a chance to update. It was fun to start off with, we went glow bowling and went for a long walk on the first nice day my area has had in a while. Then I fell, ripped up my knee and sprained my ankle. If that was bad enough, my friend and I were wrestling and I kind of threw him through a window. I bandaged him up and sent him home but he has to get stitches in his hand and now I have to replace a window. I only sent him home because the hospitals are a lot better in Mass then in NH. So I've been laid up and my friend had to go to the hospital. He wasn't mad (thank god) because it was a complete accident but we've agreed that there was no more wrestling. What a messed up weekend this has been!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Writing Contest

Today I'm sending in my entry for a writing contest going on in my state. There isn't any prize money involved =( but there is a chance to be published =D. So I'm sending my entry in tonight and I am so nervous. I've had my stuff published if you will in a zine but not in an actual volume of short stories. So wish me luck! I'll hear from then around the 15th of April if I made it. I'm not sure if my story is good enough to win but I'm hoping.

Should I Move?

So I have a new domain but the catch is, it's a free service. I have to bring in at least 100 people a month to keep it. Which is not a problem. And since I can't afford to pay for hosting especially since this is just a hobby, this sounds like a good idea. I've been going over the pros and cons of moving but I can't decide. Should I stay on blogger or had over to The cons include the fact that I have to deal with banners on the top and bottom of the page, the pros include having my site without blogger attached. I'm not paying for a hobby that makes me no money and I happen to like blogger. But the thought of having my own name is cool. So any thoughts and opinions would be very helpful. Thanks!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I love declaring winners and today was the day I picked the month long, the two week long, and week long text link winners. The links are now up on the header so check them out because they are all great reads. Congratulations to all the winners and don't forget to comment and get your entries in because I'll be picking a new a winner in a week.

Aprils Fools Day

That's right, it's Aprils Fool day. Let me just start off by thanking the four sites that have rick rolled me today. I hope they all get a virus, especially Kongregate. Not to be a bad sport or anything but one of the sites was particularly cruel in sending me to You Got Rick Rolled! Of course that's not what the link said and you are warned about clicking that link. You have been warned, twice. So now I have that damn song stuck in my head. No, I'm not really pissed off. It's just that fads drive me nuts. But it will be gone soon.

So instead of playing a joke I'm just going to post the best jokes I have seen on the internet today.

1. Kongregate fooled all it's users by tricking us into thinking we were finally going to be playing the new card game. And instead we got rickrolled. Youtube did the same thing. Rickrolling everyone who tried to watch a featured video.

2. Google Custom Time is a new service from Google that lets you send email back in time. But only until April 1, 2004 the day Gmail was launched. Thankfully Gmail utilizes an e-flux capacitor to resolve issues of causality. Check out the Grandfather Paradox, my favorite of all paradoxes.

3. Pizza Hut is now Pasta Hut. This one was great considering they also did tv commercials for it.

4. EGM informed us that Bungies new work in progress is Lego Halo. This one really got me, I have to admit.

5. And the winner is Flying Penguins! A new species of penguins? Check it out. Actually read the article. It looks real enough to fool people lol.

So there you go. The five best internet (and magazine) pranks for Aprils Fool Day 2008. And remember, friend don't let friends get rick rolled. Happy surviving the rest of the day!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Everything and Anything

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone for the wonderful comments about Maddie. She's happy and healthy and as squirmy as can be. Having to smoke outside is a pain in the butt when it snows but her health will be all the better for it. So I'm cool.

Second, is the blogger's choice award button on the right. If you like my blog then feel free to vote. If you don't like my blog then have to wonder why your reading this haha. But seriously, I don't expect to win but it's another form of blog exposure. In the last twelve days I've averaged about 50 readers a day. Which to me is exciting since I never expected even that many, even with joining Entrecard. Thanks for surfing the web and taking a minute to ride my wave guys! Corny line but I like it, so it stays.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Striving to be a Bimbo?

I promised you a big post and here it is =D

Welcome to Miss Bimbo, an online virtual game from France that has recently spread to the UK like a virus. A self titled "virtual fashion game", Miss Bimbo is a virtual doll site catered to girls 9-16. In this game your bimbo is is encouraged to eat next to nothing to stay waif thin and even to get breast implants to land a rich boyfriend. The site itself claims to be free but when you run out of virtual dollars you have to send text messages from your cellphone costing you about $3 each or use a Paypal account to build up your account.

From the site: "Bimbo dollars is 'the cabbage,' 'bread,' the 'mula' you'll need to buy nice things and to get by in bimbo world. To earn some bimbo cash you will have to (gasp) work or find a boyfriend to be your sugar daddy and hook you up with a phat expense account!"

According to CNN the French site Ma Bimbo was even threatened with a lawsuit when a parent discovered a $200 cell phone bill his daughter had run up buying bimbo bucks for the site. Yes, bimbo bucks.

The site itself operates like any virtual pet or people site. Neopets for instance is a virtual pet site for kids, teens, and adults that lets you feed, dress, and play with your pet. It's also a site that claims to be free but charges money for premium services also. So what's the difference? Neopets is a world that, while populated by a wide cross section of age groups, is innocent fun. You don't get any influence for children one way or another. You don't learn how to take care of a pet because in Neo, your pets can't die if you forget to feed them and in fact is not a place that takes any stance on being able to do so.

But Miss Bimbo is different. Nicolas Jacquart the creator of the site explains, "The game is structured in such a way that it simply mirrors real life in a tongue-in-cheek way. It is not a bad influence for young children. They learn to take care of their bimbos. The missions and goals for the bimbos are morally sound and teach children about the real world. If they eat too much chocolate in the game, it is bad for their bimbo's bodies and their happiness levels compared to if they eat fruit and vegetables, which reinforces positive healthy eating messages. The breast operations are just one part of the game and we are not encouraging young girls to have them."

Really? Your main goal of the game is to become the "hottest, coolest, most famous bimbo in the whole world." Sounds morally sound to me. And also to the many parents who have complained when discovering their daughters have accounts on this site. Morals aside, having your daughter compete to be the most famous bimbo in the whole world is disturbing. That job is already taken, a fact that is not lost on the creators of the site.

Recently the site shut down to, I would guess, make changes to the game. And page that comes up is a site to see. It seems to address some of the issues brought up by concerned people.

Regarding the use of drugs in the game: As a result of this rather surprising media attention we have decided to remove the option of purchasing diet pills from the game. We apologize to any players whom this may inconvenience but we feel in light of this weeks proceedings it is the correct action to take. So keep your bimbos skinny the old fashion way, starvation.

Regarding the most famous bimbo in the world: We would also like to sincerely apologize to our players for the media comparison of Miss Bimbo and Paris Hilton. We feel that this does a dis-service to the players whom send their bimbos to university, tea parties or chess tournaments. If you've sent your bimbo to a tea party or chess tournament then you should be offended. If not, then you can suck eggs apparently.

And the biggest gem: At this time we would also like to remind players that the Miss Bimbo team assume no responsibility or liability for any fashion faux pas, hair style disasters, or boob jobs incurred in real life as as a result of playing the Miss Bimbo game. While reading this please keep it mind that the site is targeted for 9-16 year olds but players can be found as young as seven.

Now this site does sound very tongue in cheek, to an adult at least. But this site highlights a bigger problem facing young girls today. When the goal of a game is to become a socialite and skyrocket to the top of fame and popularity with the help of eating disorders, drugs, and surgery all to bag the richest boyfriend or sugar daddy then there is an issue. When a games tagline is "Stop at nothing to become the reigning bimbo!" then there is an issue. But what is the issue?

The issue is not the game itself but what it promotes. Will this game cause little girls to develop anorexia or dress like prostitutes? Probably not. But when your daughter is facing a world where her biggest role model is Paris Hilton or Lindsey Lohan or Jamie Spears then what chance does she have? Do we really want our 9 year olds to strive for the title of Miss Bimbo. The subconscious message of this site is to work hard at being vapid, beauty and thin obsessed. To catch a rich boyfriend and use any extreme to do it.

The creator said, "The breast operations are just one part of the game and we are not encouraging young girls to have them." But then we have to ask, why include them? Instead of keeping your bimbo starved why not just enforce a healthy view such as three squares a day using the proper food groups. The BBC interviewed the creators and their reasoning was that their site reflects the reality of what it is to be a female in society. So to these men the reality of what it is to be a female in society is literally Paris Hilton.

This site irks me when thinking of Maddie. Do I want her to grow up in a world where the standard of beauty inside and out is this site and the people it's clearly based on? Little kids don't get tongue-in-cheek humor. Kids are literal thinkers. So in the end this site will stay up and the over 200,000 users of this site will play it. The adults will take it with a grain of salt but the kids..... Who knows. This site made for adults would be a massive and popular joke. We'd laugh and probably play it. But, and I can't believe I'm writing these words, it's not us but our little girls that are fighting to be the worlds biggest bimbo.

But it's not all the fault of the site. In fact it is none of their fault. Why? because we live in a world that worships the almighty dollar. If there wasn't a market then there wouldn't be a site. Over 200,000 kids play this game. Who are their parents? Are there moms and dads out there that proudly proclaim that their 13 year old daughter is the worlds most famous bimbo?

These people need a swift kick to the head. Either for not monitoring their kids internet usage or for actively letting them play this site. We need a wake up call in the world right now. If we don't watch out for our daughters then we are screwed. Do we really want them thinking that the only way to live is as a bimbo? A friend of mine stopped letting her 6 year old watch Zoey 101, the show starring Jamie Lynn Spears. Because she is a bad influence on kids. Granted mistakes happen but do we want the little ones emulating a teen mother? Of course not. If the issue comes up then talk about it but don't put yourself in a situation where her hero might a Maury guest, trying to find the baby daddy.

In the end we need to monitor our kids and make sure they don't grow up too fast. And the parents who let there kids play a site called Miss Bimbo are doing just the opposite. I've just learned how precious childhood is. There are so many people who need to learn just how precious innocence is. Especially Nicolas Jacquart.

I oringinally read about this topic on Behind the Buzz. Head over and check out the blog because it's a great read.

Baby Update 2

Well I'm finally home. I've been in the hospital for almost two days total and I'm pretty tired and I didn't even do anything really. But between the no sleep and helping out my sister I'll be sleeping good tonight. It's probably just sleeping in a strange place. And the hospital food of course. But Maddie is finally home. Here is what I learned from this whole experience:

1. I will never have children. This is for many reasons but mostly because of watching someone go through seven hours of labor and be in continuing pain after a C-section.

2. I probably wouldn't be a very good mother anyway. I think I may be too selfish. I want to watch tv or I want to take a shower or I want to read a book, not change diapers or have to comfort a baby. I'll be a great babysitter because in the end you give the kid back to it's mom. So babysitting is a yes and motherhood is a no.

3. Blood makes me pass out. Yes I finally found out that looking at blood makes me woozy and enough of it makes me pass out. Now I knew that blood makes me a little sick, I always turned away when I had my blood drawn, but large amounts of it can actually make me pass out. Embarrassing haha.

4. There is such a thing as love at first sight. I know this because I'm completely in love with this little girl. Even her waking me up at some ungodly hour of the morning can't change that.

So in the end, I'm more excited then I've ever been. I can't wait for her to get a little older and I can do all the cool aunt stuff. My first cool act will be to get her a savings bond. So in a small way, I can help her throughout her long journey through life. Welcome Maddie!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Baby Update

Maddie is doing well. She's eating all the time and sleeping, ah not so much lol. I've been spending most of my time at the hospital and obviously haven't have time to post. But my sister and Maddie are coming home tomorrow so get ready for more pictures and a big post then. To make up for my lack of posting it will be a big one. I have to admit though, that this is a great reason not to post =D

Friday, March 28, 2008


In honor of Maddie, the first five people who post on her pictures will get 28 credits a piece. 28 credits for the 28th of March. Stay tuned for more pictures!

New Baby!

Welcome Maddie Marie! Born 12:32 on March 28, 2008. 8lbs and 7oz and 20 1/2 inches long! She came by C-Section. That's my sister in the picture and you can see she is totally exhausted.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Guest Poster Needed

I'll be starting a new weekend job in the next few weeks. So how about a guest poster? If anyone or is interested in submitting a post or two on Friday for Saturday and Sunday please leave a comment and I will get in contact with you. Since this is a blog about thoughts and observations then following my theme will be pretty easy. This might turn permanent but for right now if anyone would like to try this out and get exposure (and links back to your own site of course) then let me know and we can have a test run. Thanks guys!

Contest Update

I was just approved for a sellers token on Entrecard (yay!) so my contest will be changing. It will stay the same for April and the winners will get the prize offered then for May the prize will become 125x125 image links and the credits stated previously. So the contest just gets better and better. So keep commenting and getting those entries in.

On another note, my sister is going to have to have a C-Section due to the size of the baby tomorrow. A whopper at 9 1/2 pounds! This is standard for diabetics, I guess. So in a day or so I will be an aunt!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Today is the two year anniversary of my grandfathers passing. Here the memorial I made for him last year. I made it for myself and my family. I had a bit of trouble uploading the video here so it's in two posts. This is for my grandpa.

Stumbled Widgets

A bit of stumbling came up with these. Ahh Stumble, how would I waste my precious time without you.

How many cannibals could your body feed?
Created by OnePlusYou
Free Online Dating

Well it's good to know that if I crash in the Andes then the other passengers will have a good meal. That was totally an advertisement disguised as a cool little test but it was still funny.

Are you ready for a ZOMBIE attack?
Your Result: Badass

In the event of a zombie attack, you will single handedly defeat the zombie hoards at the cost of family, friends, and anyone who gets in your way. Way to go, a--hole.

A Hindrance
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Take that zombie horde.


First off let me say good luck to all those who have entered and who might enter my Entrecard contest. Like I posted on the site, I'll be pulling names out of a hat so if you don't win then blame the hat haha.

So to the topic at hand. Since I started this blog ten days ago, I've had a remarkable jump in traffic that I'd like to contribute to my mastery of the English language. But I can't, it's all the blog promoting and the fact that I post like three times a day. Since the first day when I had one lonely visitor to yesterday when I had my highest yet at sixty-four. Now that sounds small I know. But for a personal diary type blog that's only ten days old, I think it's rather good.

I've averaged at least 50 visitors in the last five days and that just tickles me. (In a non freaky way so don't worry). Now I stated in the beginning that this blog is for me and me alone. But I joined sites to get blog exposure. Why? Because even though I write for myself I also write for you. To get my words, my thoughts, out there into the world wide web is something that makes me happy.

Imagine what our great great great great great grandparents would say if they could see us bloggers. Sixty-four people to us is small but knowing that we got our ideas and thoughts out to that many people at once would astound them. We live in a great age. Freedom to say what we want and the medium in which to say it. Blogging for money; not bad, blogging for the hell of it; pretty cool, blogging for the love of it; absolutely spectacular.

They day when I reach 100 visitors, well 101 including myself, will be a small milestone for my blog. I'll be giving out 101 credits to some random commenter. I don't know when this will be. Maybe tomorrow and maybe a month from now. So it will be a cool surprise for you and for me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Entrecard Contest 2

Okay so here it is my first Entrecard contest. You check out my blog and make one comment on anyone of my posts. First prize is a month long link on the Edit Me section up in header and 100 credits. Second prize is a two week long link up in the Edit Me section and 50 credits. Third prize is a week long link up in Edit Me section and 25 credits. So this is a monthly, biweekly, and weekly contest. Winners will be picked at random and everyone is eligible for the monthly contest even if you've won the the biweekly or weekly prize. One comment = one entry. So more comments equal more entries. For those weird months that have five weeks will mean one extra weekly winner. So in seven days we'll have the first round of winners. Good luck!

Approval Feels so Good

So I was approved for Spottt today. It's another cool link exchange. You'll notice the widget over on the left. After all the things I've been denied for over the course of blogging, this makes me happy. I was rooting for this one to be approved since I really like Spottt. Another service I use is Clickdragon which I've been using for a while.

I just switched over to this blog a week or so ago and put this one in for rotation instead of the other one. Well I was denied. I couldn't believe it and sent a message to the guy who runs the site to ask what rule my site had broken. He agreed it hadn't broken any and fixed it right up for me. It's one of those surf for traffic type of sites but since I can surf and play a game at the same time, then I'm okay. But I can list on both hands the sites that have denied me. Not for this blog of course but for an older blog which had been around for a year or so. It's disheartening. So I'm a bit gunshy at the moment. Will they reject me or approve me? When this blog hits it's one month birthday then I'll check out all those sites again and post the results.

Entrecard Contest

I've changed the layout to something more open and bright. And I'm quite happy with it. I'll be staying with it for a while because it just looks so good. And I've been thinking about having a contest for all my buddies over at Entrecard. Not sure what for though. I don't need people subscribing if they don't really want to read my posts and I am not paying for comments. Comment if you want but don't expect a payment. As you may have noticed up at the top it says Edit Me. Well, I can put whatever links I want to there. I've applied to the Entrecard people to sell them off for a month for 250 credits. If I don't get a sellers token then they'll probably be the prize in whatever contest I can make up. So as you can guess, I'm looking for contest suggestions. The prize would be someones link up there for the month. Which I think is not a bad prize.

It's not a banner but it's tasteful and besides I already have two of those up and I don't want one of those blogs that are nothing but ads. I'm contemplating putting the adsense ad back up but I haven't decided. Personally, I loved my adsense. It was pretty funny to see what ads would be featured. For instance, I had a post about the Sims movie up and then posted about my piggies. Adsense came up with Sim Pets. That is pretty cool you have to admit. I might just put it up to see the ad.

A new feature with the new layout is the subscribe button. I don't know who would use it but if you really want to hear my ravings then feel free to subscribe. I don't even know what I'm posting half the time so I can't imagine other people following along hehe.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Movies and Jerks

The other day I was writing my post about villains and it made me curious about the actors themselves. So I skipped over to the Wikipedia and IMDb to check them out. While there I read some forum posts and the like and it occurred to me that it's very disappointing to find out that one of your favorite actors is a jerk in real life. Now I'm not talking about the celebrities that refuse to sign autographs or anything. I'm talking about people like Russell "chuck a phone" Crowe. I'm not a big celebrities person. I honestly couldn't care less about what so and so was wearing and who that guy slept with but I do have my favorites.

It's like finding out that your penpal is actually a serial killer. I mean, it doesn't really effect you personally. You didn't know this person very well and you never met them. But it's still disheartening to find out that this person you had a minor relationship with is not the cool interesting person they made themselves out to be. Thinking that your new IM buddy is sweet as hell and then they get arrested for eating babies.

For me personally, it's hard to watch a movie or a show knowing that the person pretending to be the sweet guy trying to win the hot girl is, in reality, a complete asshole. Let's take Mel Gibson for example. He makes great movies and is a very good actor. But he is also a Jew hating bastard. It's not so much that he is a racist but it was the anti-semitic comments he made to world in general. So now instead of just suspecting he is an asshole and getting to watch his movies with no problem, we know he's an asshole and now I have issue paying for a ticket to see one of his movies. Now everyone is entitled to be a jerk. That truly is the American way. But it's disappointing when the shine comes off.

Celebrities are just that, a fake. But of course we all knew that. The hot chick you took home the night before becomes a 57 year old grandma with saggy skin and no teeth in the morning. The veneer is great but the reality is usually scary. For me it's just a tad depressing when my favorite actor is really a son of a bitch that kicked a nine year in the butt for asking for an autograph. But, even then, it's not that big of a deal. Okay, they hate their fans and scream at autograph seekers. It's disappointing and won't be on my top ten list of favorites anymore but whatever. I'll still enjoy their movies and pay for a ticket.

But what about the Mel Gibsons of the world? When a person is revealed to not just be a jerk but a pretty bad person. I'm not calling for a boycott of his movies or anything. But I'm pretty uncomfortable with paying $10 to watch a good movie made by a pretty crappy human being. People pay a lot of money to own Nazi paraphernalia, stuff made by evil people. So maybe my attitude is not the norm. Maybe I am being silly. Maybe when watching a movie I should just forget about the jerk who made it. So, what do you guys think?

Happy Easter

To everyone out there who celebrates it, Happy Easter!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waiting for Baby

Well my sister has been in the hospital in labor for a few days. The baby should be be about 9+ pounds at last check. We've just been playing the waiting game. This is torture for for my little sis. In layman's terms (since I don't remember the technical terms) she is not ready to give birth. She is dilated but not completely effaced. So it's been a sort of pre-labor. Not active labor. But from the contractions you wouldn't be able to tell. She'll be there for at least the rest of the night. If she's not completely ready then she's heading home to wait. Not much else to report. In the last three days I've gotten a grand total of about 10 hours of sleep so I'm off to bed early just on the in case that I'm going to have to run to the hospital at four am. Oh and the baby will either be an Ella or an Echo. Most people are rooting for the former.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Site Hits

I was just looking over the hit statistics for my blog and got some weird results.

15 2
16 59
17 17
18 7
19 14
20 2

Now as I've stated I'm writing this blog for my own enjoyment but it would be cool to have some readers. On the 16th I had 58 unique visitors not including myself. Now that might have been Entrecard traffic considering I had no comments. But I did not have 58 drops that day. So who were these 58 people? Did they read my blog? Obviously they didn't enjoy it because I only had 17 hits the next day. As much as I like Entrecard the traffic there is usually not reading my posts. So it's definitely a mixed blessing. Sure my counter is going up but the droppers don't really care about what I'm writing. So if I am really getting traffic and you enjoy my posts then feel free to comment. It's not necessary but comments rock my world. (My world is pretty boring at the moment haha)


I've been on a movie binge lately and most of the movies I've watched had this hot villain that I would totally turn evil for. So for your enjoyment, here is my list of sexiest movie villains.

10. Christian Bale (American Psycho)
Do I really have to say anything?

9. Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four)
Okay I have to admit that this guy kind of creeps me out. I'm a huge Nip/Tuck fan and was a Charmed fan back in the day and have followed him for a while. But he always gave me the creeps. So why is he on my list then? Because he seems like he'd kill you but you'd have a really good time before he did. Even sexy with the mask on.

8. Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs)
There is something about a guy who knows what wine to order with liver and fava beans.

7. Jack Nicholson (The Shining)
Has that kind of face that says yes, I will date you, marry you, then kill you with an ax. But the time in between the dating and the killing will be loads of fun.

6. Gary Oldman (Dracula)

Loses the woman he loves and becomes an evil blood sucking vampire. Sounds rational to me. Plus he owns a top hat. You find a guy today that looks good in a top hat.

5. Kiefer Sutherland (Lost Boys)

Yea yea, I have a thing for vampires apparently. Evil but still hot. And he could fly. So....yea.

4. Viggo Mortensen (The Prophecy)
Probably the evilest guy in this countdown because he's actually the devil. Viggo was only in this movie for maybe 20 minutes total but he's sure noticeable. He was hot in the LOTR movies but he's hotter here. Why? Because he's sexy in an evil scary way. He will drag you down to the pits of hell. But I don't think I'd care.

3. Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner)

Blade Runner was an awesome movie. This guy was an awesome villain. He was sexy in a brooding killer robot way.

2. David Bowie (Labyrinth)
Oh yea. Has that something that just says, I am cool and sexy and you know it. And you do know it. I'd totally live with a few goblins to hang around with the Goblin King.

1. Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing)
Sexiest villain of time. I'd let this guy nibble my neck anytime. The movie wasn't bad but it takes me while to get through it since I pause it every time Dracula is on the screen.

Monday, March 17, 2008


Well I'm going to be an aunt in a few days. My sister is set to be induced on either Friday or Saturday because she's Diabetic and has to go a week before her due date. I'm so excited. It's going to be a little girl but she hasn't decided on a name yet. The names she is considering though are horrible haha. I mean Echo is a cool name, for a Greek Nymph that is. When naming a baby people have to remember that just because you think you are being cool and unique, you aren't. There is a whole generation of kids, well adults now, out there name Sunshine and Moonbeam because of the 1960's and 70's. Nowadays we have kids name Nevaeh, Addison, and Jordon. And these are just the little girls. I don't care to much about the Apples and Brain Sciences of Hollywood. Their parents live in lala land and have enough money to have some toddler beaten up for making fun of them but in real life you have to think of the consequences. You name your kid Candy and you're just asking for them to be a stripper. Of course they may grow up and become a CEO but when was the last time you saw a President of a company named Raven or Dakota?

Alot of moms these days are pretty young. A sixteen year old is still thinking like a sixteen year old. To them Cashmere or Fantasia may sound pretty cool. But let's look at the future. Top 100 Baby gives a great way to look at naming your kid. One of the things they mention are not letting other people pressure you. Remember, other people aren't naming your kid. It is completely up to you. But let's look at the other things they list as things you might want to consider. Don't forget to check out the original site for lists of baby names and other cool stuff. These are obviously the opinions of the person who wrote them so take it all in stride.

Sound Factor: How your baby's name sounds is a top priority when choosing one for your infant. Remember to avoid names that rhyme with the last name and longer first names go with shorter last names and vice versa. Make sure you say your choice several times out loud and try it out on friends as well. Children can be cruel and can come up with some nasty rhymes so try not to make it easy for the bullies!

Friends and Relatives:
Never allow a relative or friend to pressure you into a selection. Remember to stay in control because once it is selected you and your child are stuck with it for life.

Meaning: Be sure to check the meaning of the name and make sure you are satisfied with it prior to selection.

Popularity: Consideration should be given to the popularity of your chosen name. The more popular it is the more often your child will have to share it within their circle of friends. This can make the name less remarkable.

Tongue Twisters: Try to avoid having the first and last name result in a tongue twister.

Make a List: Your first choice may not be your favorite as you continue to search the Internet and books for others. If you keep a list you can add or delete choices as you find more favorable ones. You can also use the list as a sort of review and you can share your results with friends and relatives.

Ancestry: Your child's roots are an essential part of who she is, and you may want her name to reflect that. If you would like to consider one based on ancestry try using a search engine to look for options with the country or origin directly after. Try different combinations of search terms so you can obtain a wide range of results.

This is some pretty good advice. But in the end it's your choice. I'm not pressuring my sister either way. I'm going to love my niece even if her name was Tiger Goody. But I sure hope it's not.

I'll be posting pictures when she comes so check back to get a peek at my niece =D

Sunday, March 16, 2008


I've just been blog hopping to put off having to clean my room. It's a complete mess. Guinea pigs make a bigger mess then you'd think. I love my piggies but they drive me nuts with their incessant chattering and ability to fling poop five feet away. No one told me that they are really really social animals and love to talk at all hours of the night.



But as you can see, they are just too cute to leave on someone's doorstep. Pavarotti is about five years old and Ginny is maybe four. My sister brought Ginny over after she found her in her ex-roommate's snake cage. Yep, he just tossed her in there. Thank god the snake wasn't interested in her. My sister grabbed her up and brought her to me since I was the only person she knew of that knew something about pigs. Poor thing was so terrified. Even after a year of having her she hasn't warmed up to me and never will. She won't ever be able to trust humans. She's at the point now where I can pet her and let me pick her up when I clean her cage. Mr. P was given to me by a coworker who was going to bring him at the animal shelter. So here are my little unwanted babies. And even with their high pitched squealing at 3am I still love them dearly.

Guinea Pigs make great pets. They are pretty low maintenance and are very socialable. They love to be cuddled and I can get Mr. P to purr when I pet him. For people who don't mind rodents, I'd recommend a piggy in a heartbeat. So go out and get yourself a pig today. They are herd animals and are best kept with other piggies. But remember, they are not feeder animals and males will fight each other. So do all your research if you ever consider getting one or two. Trust me though, you won't regret it. I don't.

A Sims Movie?

Yes, you heard right. 20th Century Fox has acquired the feature rights to the game The Sims. I'm not joking. For those that don't know, The Sims is a life simulator game. Of course in real life you can't have a monkey butler, not yet of course.

Variety reported that not only will it be movie based on The Sims but it will also be live action. Seriously. The two guys that will be bringing you this masterpiece of cinema are John Davis and and Brian Lynch. No, you're thinking of David Lynch, the man who brought us Mulholland Dr. and Eraserhead. I'm talking about Brian Lynch, the man who brought us Scary Movie 3. And on the resume of the other half of this partnership? Remember Norbit? Of course you don't. But look it up if you dare, because he produced it.

So why in the name of everything that is holy would an idea to turn a sim game where the people don't even speak a recognizable language and have a diamond on their head even occur to someone? Well I'll tell you.

Sims Studio head Rod Humble says, "The SIMS has done an interactive version of an old story, which is what it's like to have infinite power and how do you deal with it," said Humble. "Given that that's an old story, you can imagine how easily that would translate to traditional story telling."

Really Rod? Easy? Okay, Bruce Almighty did exactly that plot. Infinite power and what you do with. But that movie was sort of funny. Jim Carrey gets Morgan Freeman's powers for a while. Haha. Even taking away the fact that video games turned movie do remarkable bad is the fact that we're talking about The Sims. A LIFE SIMULATOR. Now from the quote above it seems like the movie will be about the person that controls the sims. So basically what I'm thinking is that we're going to see a no name actor play The Sims on his computer for about two hours. I know I'd pay $10 to see my sister play The Sims.

The Variety Article and the Gamespot Article both originally ran about a year ago. During this year have the people involved come to their senses? Um, no. We are talking about Hollywood here. IMDb has the movie categorized in production.

So in the end we have a life simulator that will be simulated in real life in a movie. So if you've ever wanted to see a movie where the characters get up, go to work, come home, watch tv, go to bed, and occasionally get abducted by aliens then this just might be a movie for you. For the rest of us, I'll go and rent the Mario Brothers movie for $1.99 and we can all watch each other's brains explode.

Interesting Concept

I'm evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they're letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog.

It covers:

  • The best blogging techniques.
  • How to get traffic to your blog.
  • How to turn your blog into money.

I'll let you know what I think once I've had a chance to check it out. Meanwhile, go grab yours while it's still free.

Seriously, I'll review it as soon as I can look it over. It may be worthwhile and it may not but since it's free (at the moment) it's definitely something to check out.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Entrecarders and Blogger

I'd like to thank all entrecarders that drop and advertise on my blog. I'll be featuring a different blog from Entrecard from time to time to showcase the whole awesome community. Not to get anything really, just because it's fun to do a feature. It will probably happen whenever I have nothing to write about haha. But seriously, I'd like to do it once a week and as an added bonus I'll pop their entrecard on my blog for the week. I'll most likely pick from that week's droppers. No this isn't a dropping contest because I may NOT pick from that list. That just seems like the easiest system for me.

Now for a random topic. After scrolling through said website's forum, I came across a thread that said, in so many words, that Blogger is bad and I have to wonder why. This blog was originally posted on Wordpress (and still is actually though it won't be updated). Not a bad place, just not my style. Too professional perhaps? Maybe professional is the wrong word. Maybe I mean stodgy but I'm not sure. Is Wordpress the adult version of Blogger? You can't use Blogger and be a serious blogger? The cool kids all have their own domain name apparently. Great, I just made myself laugh. I just love to use the phrase "cool kids".

But seriously, you probably are one of the cool kids if you have your own domain. I'm not debating that. I'd love to do that someday, whenever I get around to it. But for now I'm using Blogger and love it. No this isn't a commercial for Google. It just seems like the easiest and most customizable blog hosting service out there. But can I not be a "serious" blogger because of my choice of site? I don't think so. Sure Blogger is the nerd of blog hosting. Everyone laughs at it and it gets beaten up on a daily basis. But when you need your homework done then you call over a smart nerdy guy like Blogger. I'm not sure what the heck that means but it sounds good to me. I think what I'm saying is that sure, Blogger might be the loner and might get picked on but when you actually talk to that loner you find that they're user friendly, socialable, and pretty good at getting a job done. Got to love weird analogies.


Several things have come to my little sphere of existence lately and I’ve decided to comment on them. I used to run another blog on Blogger but after months and months of writing I realized that I wasn’t really helping anyone like I thought I would. It was a good blog but had few readers. Which in the end made it silly to continue since I wasn’t doing it for myself. Which has made me realize that, and this is my first ever “blog point”, writing for others instead of yourself is ridiculous. First reason is the big one. Most people don’t know or care that your writing something to help them out specifically. Most blog promoting sites tell you to know your audience and write for them. Which I tried to do and failed at it. Unlike most blog writers, I had no ads on my site and was never doing it for the money. I was doing it for the love of writing, which may sound corny but it’s how I felt.

So, I was sitting here playing a game and fighting some really weak monsters and watching a platypus run back and forth across the screen. And my mind started to wander. It occurred to me that this was the right time to start that blog of my thoughts and observations that I kept meaning to do. So now I sit here watching something that looks like a giant beaver with boxing gloves, called a Grenwog, kick my butt and I think what to write. There are so many things that I’ve written in my head and now that I’m actually at the keyboard, I’m drawing a blank.

So for my first ever blog post on my new new blog I’m just going to say hi to those of you who might ever read this blog. Which may be no one. But like I’ve learned, write for yourself or not at all.