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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Baby Update 2

Well I'm finally home. I've been in the hospital for almost two days total and I'm pretty tired and I didn't even do anything really. But between the no sleep and helping out my sister I'll be sleeping good tonight. It's probably just sleeping in a strange place. And the hospital food of course. But Maddie is finally home. Here is what I learned from this whole experience:

1. I will never have children. This is for many reasons but mostly because of watching someone go through seven hours of labor and be in continuing pain after a C-section.

2. I probably wouldn't be a very good mother anyway. I think I may be too selfish. I want to watch tv or I want to take a shower or I want to read a book, not change diapers or have to comfort a baby. I'll be a great babysitter because in the end you give the kid back to it's mom. So babysitting is a yes and motherhood is a no.

3. Blood makes me pass out. Yes I finally found out that looking at blood makes me woozy and enough of it makes me pass out. Now I knew that blood makes me a little sick, I always turned away when I had my blood drawn, but large amounts of it can actually make me pass out. Embarrassing haha.

4. There is such a thing as love at first sight. I know this because I'm completely in love with this little girl. Even her waking me up at some ungodly hour of the morning can't change that.

So in the end, I'm more excited then I've ever been. I can't wait for her to get a little older and I can do all the cool aunt stuff. My first cool act will be to get her a savings bond. So in a small way, I can help her throughout her long journey through life. Welcome Maddie!


VulcanHammer said...

She is a doll! Welcome to the world, Maddie:) I am a newly minted dad (Lily is four months) and it is all better than I would have ever imagined. Best of good health to all!

Free From Broke said...

Congrats on your niece! You may be too hard on yourself. You may very well be a great mom. As fas as selfish is concerned, once you have a kid all your priorities change. It goes to what you said about love at first site. I'd do anything for my little guy (now 1).

Watching birth, for a guy, is an intense experience. I would not want to go through it. But then, I'm a guy.

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