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Monday, March 17, 2008


Well I'm going to be an aunt in a few days. My sister is set to be induced on either Friday or Saturday because she's Diabetic and has to go a week before her due date. I'm so excited. It's going to be a little girl but she hasn't decided on a name yet. The names she is considering though are horrible haha. I mean Echo is a cool name, for a Greek Nymph that is. When naming a baby people have to remember that just because you think you are being cool and unique, you aren't. There is a whole generation of kids, well adults now, out there name Sunshine and Moonbeam because of the 1960's and 70's. Nowadays we have kids name Nevaeh, Addison, and Jordon. And these are just the little girls. I don't care to much about the Apples and Brain Sciences of Hollywood. Their parents live in lala land and have enough money to have some toddler beaten up for making fun of them but in real life you have to think of the consequences. You name your kid Candy and you're just asking for them to be a stripper. Of course they may grow up and become a CEO but when was the last time you saw a President of a company named Raven or Dakota?

Alot of moms these days are pretty young. A sixteen year old is still thinking like a sixteen year old. To them Cashmere or Fantasia may sound pretty cool. But let's look at the future. Top 100 Baby gives a great way to look at naming your kid. One of the things they mention are not letting other people pressure you. Remember, other people aren't naming your kid. It is completely up to you. But let's look at the other things they list as things you might want to consider. Don't forget to check out the original site for lists of baby names and other cool stuff. These are obviously the opinions of the person who wrote them so take it all in stride.

Sound Factor: How your baby's name sounds is a top priority when choosing one for your infant. Remember to avoid names that rhyme with the last name and longer first names go with shorter last names and vice versa. Make sure you say your choice several times out loud and try it out on friends as well. Children can be cruel and can come up with some nasty rhymes so try not to make it easy for the bullies!

Friends and Relatives:
Never allow a relative or friend to pressure you into a selection. Remember to stay in control because once it is selected you and your child are stuck with it for life.

Meaning: Be sure to check the meaning of the name and make sure you are satisfied with it prior to selection.

Popularity: Consideration should be given to the popularity of your chosen name. The more popular it is the more often your child will have to share it within their circle of friends. This can make the name less remarkable.

Tongue Twisters: Try to avoid having the first and last name result in a tongue twister.

Make a List: Your first choice may not be your favorite as you continue to search the Internet and books for others. If you keep a list you can add or delete choices as you find more favorable ones. You can also use the list as a sort of review and you can share your results with friends and relatives.

Ancestry: Your child's roots are an essential part of who she is, and you may want her name to reflect that. If you would like to consider one based on ancestry try using a search engine to look for options with the country or origin directly after. Try different combinations of search terms so you can obtain a wide range of results.

This is some pretty good advice. But in the end it's your choice. I'm not pressuring my sister either way. I'm going to love my niece even if her name was Tiger Goody. But I sure hope it's not.

I'll be posting pictures when she comes so check back to get a peek at my niece =D


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