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Monday, March 24, 2008

Entrecard Contest 2

Okay so here it is my first Entrecard contest. You check out my blog and make one comment on anyone of my posts. First prize is a month long link on the Edit Me section up in header and 100 credits. Second prize is a two week long link up in the Edit Me section and 50 credits. Third prize is a week long link up in Edit Me section and 25 credits. So this is a monthly, biweekly, and weekly contest. Winners will be picked at random and everyone is eligible for the monthly contest even if you've won the the biweekly or weekly prize. One comment = one entry. So more comments equal more entries. For those weird months that have five weeks will mean one extra weekly winner. So in seven days we'll have the first round of winners. Good luck!


fool said...

Ok Karen, I am going to enter and see what on your blog a cranky old geek can comment on!

fool said...

See I got your name wrong, My wife's name is Karen LOL. Sorry Kristen!

I am a fool.

Acadia said...

I am in!

lightening said...

Guess what - you and I have great taste!!! LOL. One of my blogs uses the same template as you've chosen here. :)

Michael Aulia said...

Count me in!

Elizabeth said...

I love your site! What a great contest! Could you take a peek at my contest too at It is my first contest too, and would like some feedback. If you like it will you sign up too? Would it help for me to link to your site and vice versa? Let me know. Have a Fabulous Weekend!

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