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Monday, March 24, 2008

Entrecard Contest

I've changed the layout to something more open and bright. And I'm quite happy with it. I'll be staying with it for a while because it just looks so good. And I've been thinking about having a contest for all my buddies over at Entrecard. Not sure what for though. I don't need people subscribing if they don't really want to read my posts and I am not paying for comments. Comment if you want but don't expect a payment. As you may have noticed up at the top it says Edit Me. Well, I can put whatever links I want to there. I've applied to the Entrecard people to sell them off for a month for 250 credits. If I don't get a sellers token then they'll probably be the prize in whatever contest I can make up. So as you can guess, I'm looking for contest suggestions. The prize would be someones link up there for the month. Which I think is not a bad prize.

It's not a banner but it's tasteful and besides I already have two of those up and I don't want one of those blogs that are nothing but ads. I'm contemplating putting the adsense ad back up but I haven't decided. Personally, I loved my adsense. It was pretty funny to see what ads would be featured. For instance, I had a post about the Sims movie up and then posted about my piggies. Adsense came up with Sim Pets. That is pretty cool you have to admit. I might just put it up to see the ad.

A new feature with the new layout is the subscribe button. I don't know who would use it but if you really want to hear my ravings then feel free to subscribe. I don't even know what I'm posting half the time so I can't imagine other people following along hehe.


Saph said...

I like your new design. =) I'm thinking about changing mine. Not quite sure if I will.

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