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Saturday, March 15, 2008


Several things have come to my little sphere of existence lately and I’ve decided to comment on them. I used to run another blog on Blogger but after months and months of writing I realized that I wasn’t really helping anyone like I thought I would. It was a good blog but had few readers. Which in the end made it silly to continue since I wasn’t doing it for myself. Which has made me realize that, and this is my first ever “blog point”, writing for others instead of yourself is ridiculous. First reason is the big one. Most people don’t know or care that your writing something to help them out specifically. Most blog promoting sites tell you to know your audience and write for them. Which I tried to do and failed at it. Unlike most blog writers, I had no ads on my site and was never doing it for the money. I was doing it for the love of writing, which may sound corny but it’s how I felt.

So, I was sitting here playing a game and fighting some really weak monsters and watching a platypus run back and forth across the screen. And my mind started to wander. It occurred to me that this was the right time to start that blog of my thoughts and observations that I kept meaning to do. So now I sit here watching something that looks like a giant beaver with boxing gloves, called a Grenwog, kick my butt and I think what to write. There are so many things that I’ve written in my head and now that I’m actually at the keyboard, I’m drawing a blank.

So for my first ever blog post on my new new blog I’m just going to say hi to those of you who might ever read this blog. Which may be no one. But like I’ve learned, write for yourself or not at all.

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