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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Site Hits

I was just looking over the hit statistics for my blog and got some weird results.

15 2
16 59
17 17
18 7
19 14
20 2

Now as I've stated I'm writing this blog for my own enjoyment but it would be cool to have some readers. On the 16th I had 58 unique visitors not including myself. Now that might have been Entrecard traffic considering I had no comments. But I did not have 58 drops that day. So who were these 58 people? Did they read my blog? Obviously they didn't enjoy it because I only had 17 hits the next day. As much as I like Entrecard the traffic there is usually not reading my posts. So it's definitely a mixed blessing. Sure my counter is going up but the droppers don't really care about what I'm writing. So if I am really getting traffic and you enjoy my posts then feel free to comment. It's not necessary but comments rock my world. (My world is pretty boring at the moment haha)


Entrepreneur said...

Should I say I care? ;)
Most people read and don't leave a comment. I mean if you came over to my blog, I dunno if you would either because I tend to post long stuff, and some are more informative vs debatable.

For my posts that demand an opposing view though, I do get comments.

Jackie said...

With all the blogs we visit many like myself only have time to glance at the posts and not time to comment unless it is something that catches our eye and cries out for a comment.

I therefore find that posting less regularly, with longer posts, still gets me lots of visitors daily but also gets at least 10 comments made on each post when people revisit and read a bit more.

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