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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


First off let me say good luck to all those who have entered and who might enter my Entrecard contest. Like I posted on the site, I'll be pulling names out of a hat so if you don't win then blame the hat haha.

So to the topic at hand. Since I started this blog ten days ago, I've had a remarkable jump in traffic that I'd like to contribute to my mastery of the English language. But I can't, it's all the blog promoting and the fact that I post like three times a day. Since the first day when I had one lonely visitor to yesterday when I had my highest yet at sixty-four. Now that sounds small I know. But for a personal diary type blog that's only ten days old, I think it's rather good.

I've averaged at least 50 visitors in the last five days and that just tickles me. (In a non freaky way so don't worry). Now I stated in the beginning that this blog is for me and me alone. But I joined sites to get blog exposure. Why? Because even though I write for myself I also write for you. To get my words, my thoughts, out there into the world wide web is something that makes me happy.

Imagine what our great great great great great grandparents would say if they could see us bloggers. Sixty-four people to us is small but knowing that we got our ideas and thoughts out to that many people at once would astound them. We live in a great age. Freedom to say what we want and the medium in which to say it. Blogging for money; not bad, blogging for the hell of it; pretty cool, blogging for the love of it; absolutely spectacular.

They day when I reach 100 visitors, well 101 including myself, will be a small milestone for my blog. I'll be giving out 101 credits to some random commenter. I don't know when this will be. Maybe tomorrow and maybe a month from now. So it will be a cool surprise for you and for me.


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