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Thursday, March 20, 2008


I've been on a movie binge lately and most of the movies I've watched had this hot villain that I would totally turn evil for. So for your enjoyment, here is my list of sexiest movie villains.

10. Christian Bale (American Psycho)
Do I really have to say anything?

9. Julian McMahon (Fantastic Four)
Okay I have to admit that this guy kind of creeps me out. I'm a huge Nip/Tuck fan and was a Charmed fan back in the day and have followed him for a while. But he always gave me the creeps. So why is he on my list then? Because he seems like he'd kill you but you'd have a really good time before he did. Even sexy with the mask on.

8. Anthony Hopkins (Silence of the Lambs)
There is something about a guy who knows what wine to order with liver and fava beans.

7. Jack Nicholson (The Shining)
Has that kind of face that says yes, I will date you, marry you, then kill you with an ax. But the time in between the dating and the killing will be loads of fun.

6. Gary Oldman (Dracula)

Loses the woman he loves and becomes an evil blood sucking vampire. Sounds rational to me. Plus he owns a top hat. You find a guy today that looks good in a top hat.

5. Kiefer Sutherland (Lost Boys)

Yea yea, I have a thing for vampires apparently. Evil but still hot. And he could fly. So....yea.

4. Viggo Mortensen (The Prophecy)
Probably the evilest guy in this countdown because he's actually the devil. Viggo was only in this movie for maybe 20 minutes total but he's sure noticeable. He was hot in the LOTR movies but he's hotter here. Why? Because he's sexy in an evil scary way. He will drag you down to the pits of hell. But I don't think I'd care.

3. Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner)

Blade Runner was an awesome movie. This guy was an awesome villain. He was sexy in a brooding killer robot way.

2. David Bowie (Labyrinth)
Oh yea. Has that something that just says, I am cool and sexy and you know it. And you do know it. I'd totally live with a few goblins to hang around with the Goblin King.

1. Richard Roxburgh (Van Helsing)
Sexiest villain of time. I'd let this guy nibble my neck anytime. The movie wasn't bad but it takes me while to get through it since I pause it every time Dracula is on the screen.


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I completely agree about your list of villans. I love the Dracula from Van Helsing and when I told my friends some looked like I was crazy while others agreed. He is gorgeous and I'd gladly spend the rest of eternity with his sexy brooding self.

Anonymous said...

Ouhh...Kiefer Sutherland in Lostboys...yummy x3

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