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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Waiting for Baby

Well my sister has been in the hospital in labor for a few days. The baby should be be about 9+ pounds at last check. We've just been playing the waiting game. This is torture for for my little sis. In layman's terms (since I don't remember the technical terms) she is not ready to give birth. She is dilated but not completely effaced. So it's been a sort of pre-labor. Not active labor. But from the contractions you wouldn't be able to tell. She'll be there for at least the rest of the night. If she's not completely ready then she's heading home to wait. Not much else to report. In the last three days I've gotten a grand total of about 10 hours of sleep so I'm off to bed early just on the in case that I'm going to have to run to the hospital at four am. Oh and the baby will either be an Ella or an Echo. Most people are rooting for the former.


domesticgoddess said...

the waiting part always feels soo loong! My two babies were a fairly easy birth so I don't really have much to complain. The pushing seems like forever though. Congrats to your sister!

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