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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Censorship in New Hampshire

I don't usually read the Manchester Union Leader due to it's everyone but ultraconservatives are evil and wrong bias. But I usually check through the Sunday news for the gist of the weeks goings on. I just read about the Dilbert issue and went to to check out the strip. For those that don't know, dilbert came out and apparently the strip supposedly mocked christians. Yes this is an old issue. I'm posting about it now because of my local paper refusing to run the strip for a few days because of it. I just really wanted to post this in a place it won't be deleted and I really hate my local paper.

Moving on, I can't for the life of me figure out what the issue is. I thought with all the weirdness and insanity that religions are part of today they were rife for mockery. I figured people were grown up enough to deal with it a few small quips. I guess I'm wrong, which is more funny then sad

I have to wonder though, if a comic came out mocking Buddhists, or Muslims, or Atheists, would the Union Leader be up in arms then? Of course not. This was done more, not of out of some respect for some religion, but because of the backlash the union leader would have felt from it's christen republican conservative base. Pandering is sad. Even a biased paper should have the guts to do something out of the box, so to speak. I thought the point of the media was to inspire debate and bring people issues, not pick and choose which issue is "appropriate" for it's tender readers.

This strip would have inspired debate and inflamed people on each side of an issue. But instead the union leader went on the side of the safety and frankly, chickened out. Shame on the people who made this decision. Shame on the cowards who were more afraid of their base then on printing something controversial. If you're not brave enough to print something that might offend then you shouldn't be working on a paper. The union leader offends non ultraconservatives everyday without a thought. But when it came right down to it, they just showed us that their readers can dish it but not take it. That's cowardly.


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