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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well Kristen's Thoughts will be moving. I'm finally becoming one of the cool kids and getting my own domain. For the moment my site will be hosted on a free server while I test it out to see if I want to upgrade to the premium account so the name is a little weird right no. So call the next a month a test run. I may not like the service or using something other then blogger so this may not even happen.

Right now I'm setting up the site and expect it to be up in about a week. The hard part will be moving everything over there. I'll still be using this place as a backup but it won't be my blog site anymore. Kind of odd. I've been blogging on blogger for so long. Anyway, I won't be updating for a week and I think my newest blog post will be on the new site. So see you in a week!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

50th Post

Well here it is, the big 5-0. Not a huge number but a big number to me. It's been a few days since I posted and I figured I should post something. I couldn't come up with an idea but I didn't want a fluff post for my small milestone. So here are some things that have been on my mind, things I'll probably go into more depth later on when I feel like it.

1. Indigenous peoples loosing their land. The reason being a song I downloaded a few weeks ago by Israel_Kamakawiwo'ole a native Hawaiian. His song a medley of Somewhere Over the Rainbow and What a Wonderful World is done with only a ukulele to compliment his wonderful voice. After downloading the song I did a little research on the singer mostly because his name is interesting. I read a but about him as a singer and a cultural influence in Hawaii for his artistic work and for his quest for Hawaiian independence.

This lead me to the thoughts of indigenous people and how terrible it must have been to lose their land to invaders. Invaders coming into their land and stealing their resources, homes, and property. Killing them with disease and murder. You know how the rednecks are always complaining that the illegal immigrants are doing just that? Well, I've come to the conclusion that this is America's karma. I personally welcome them. A friend of mine has several illegal family members living in the US. Sometimes I wish I could speak fluent Spanish so I could stop speaking English around the people who complain about people speaking other languages.

2. I miss my cats. Nothing else here. I just miss them terribly. Stupey passed a few years ago. And Noel who passed away this year. Her death caused me to stop writing on this blog for a while. It still hurts. I mourn them like I mourn a human being. They were members of my family. And I miss them so much, so very much.

3. I haven recently discovered that if I ran a government, it would be a socialist government. Nationstates showed me that. I've also learned that the richer you are the less you want to give. It's non wealthy people that want to save the planet or donate time and money to non trendy causes. Why is this? Does money make you a jerk? Or maybe only jerks get rich.

Bleeding hearts, people who care, seem to want to make the world better therefore have no money because it all goes to helping. Conservatives, people who only care abut themselves, don't want to help anyone or anything and would stomp on a kitten if amused them. Therefore have extra money to spend on themselves and spoiled children because they are selfish and stingy. A generalization or an apt observation?

4. Blogging makes me happy but I don't think I have any readers. I was on this website looking over something and saw the requirement was 10K+ readers. 10,000 or more people! I don't break 100 people a day and even that number is inflated. Who the hell has 10,000 people reading their site everyday? Niche blogs probably. Everyone writes about how to make money off the internet or how to be rich like them. I wonder if I stopped using Entrecard, would all my "readers" disapper and leave me with five hits a day , all of them mine?

5. I'm bored with life. I need a distraction. Thank goodness I'm off to Canobie Lake Park the local amusement park in a few days. I haven't been there in years but with the addition of a new ride I'm there. Adrenaline junkies FTW! And if you're from New England like me then you should know about Spooky World. Spooky world at Canobie this year. I absolutely LOVE having a birthday four days before Halloween. Goodbye hideous bridesmaid dress, hello dead prom queen haha.

So that's it for my big 50th post. Hope you enjoyed it. And hey if you're an Entrecard user, I'll send you fifty credits if you're the first person to comment a non spam post to mark the occasion. Here's for fifty more! Let's leave off with the video for Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World. Hope it makes you smile like it does for me.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Blog Worth

I'd like to think of my blog as priceless but unfortunately it is not. This widget told me that. But hey, it's worth far more then I'd ever thought it would be! Check out yours and post the results. Either let me put you to shame or make me cry with your superiority =D

My site is worth $1547.6.
How much is yours worth?

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Things

First off, according to my counter, I've been precariously close to hitting the 100 unique hits for a day (so far 93 is the tops). Well the day I hit 100 visitors, I will give out 100 Entrecard credits to one lucky August commenter using a random name generator to pick the winner. So get your comments in to be considered. Each post is a entry into the name generator. But no one wins until I hit 100 people in one day! Last time it happened was in April. So lets do it again!

Second, when Maddie is gone and I'm missing her I watch a video to make myself feel better. Here's the incredibly cute video!

Money and Grief

So I'm alone for the week. Katie took the baby to our fathers so he could visit with her for a while. And I have to say, awwwwwwwwww. The quiet is astounding. Today I sat and watched an entire movie without Katie talking to me or the baby crying. Not that Maddie is a whiny baby. It's just nice. It's times like this that make want to get my own place. But alas, I don't make nearly enough to move out. But it's looking up.

Early this month I won $1000. OVGuide sent me a check after winning their suggest a site contest. Check out the site, it's pretty cool. Anyway, I used the winnings to buy a car. Sometimes I think I might be weird. I could have gotten a nice looking car. But instead I bought a 1990 Chevy Cavalier. Man do I love that car. I think I may be weird because I purposely searched out that car and then drove 100 miles to get it. You know you're out of the way when you're crossing covered bridges.

So with a car I can finally get a job. After I register it of course. After I pay off a three year old fine that I had completely forgotten about of course. By the time I get some money I can get it "inspected", pay off the fine, register it, and get myself a job. Two years I've been stuck here. Two long years. I actually would have gotten a scooter if I didn't have to cart Katie around.

My friend got married and I was a bridesmaid. The reason this is part of the looking up? I am going to destroy the hideous bridesmaid dress and use it to be a dead prom queen on Halloween. I hate it and wish it dead. And when I run it over, it will be! MUHAHAHAHAHAHA! *Cough* *Cough* Moving on.

My birthday is October 27th. So every year I go to the club on Halloween and celebrate in a costume. Last year I got drunk I passed out. My friends suck and left me passed out on a table. Luckily for me I don't get hangovers and they do. So the jokes on them really.

Which brings me to the other part of looking up and my now married friend. The bachelorette party. Went up and then down a street. Hitting every club and bar in between. I bought my friend drinks and I bought myself drinks and damn were we drunk. And then comes the awkward part. You might know by now or not that I'm actually a lesbian. Don't stop reading if that offends you. I rarely talk about it. And it's not really a big deal, which is why I didn't mention it until now. But I do have to mention it so the rest makes sense.

Anyway, my friend and I have known each other for 17 years. Since we were eight years old and in the second grade together. When we were fifteen we kind of kissed. Kind of since I was really to nervous to do much else. Not made out or anything, just kissed. I started giggling and that ended that. She was always on my mind after that but it wasn't until she was standing at the alter with her husband when I realized that I didn't just have the hots for her but I was in love with her. Those weren't wedding tears I was crying. Those were tears of sorrow. It took her getting married for me to realize what I felt for her.

I think in some way she knows this. How I feel I mean. The night before her wedding we happened upon a gay club and went in. She was very drunk and danced and kissed another woman. This may sound shocking. Kissing someone else the night before your wedding but trust me when I say that that it's actually not a big deal. Especially since we found later the bacholer party included strippers. Anyway, she grabs me from off the dancefloor where I was drunk dancing and says that she was making out with another girl and didn't want me jealous.

Even as drunk as I was, I have the presence of mind to not say anything about how I feel about her. And I'm pretty sure, admitting I was jealous as hell would be admitting something. More then anything I don't want her to feel awkward and stop being my friend. I don't think I could stand that. So I say no and off she goes on her merry way. To be honest I wanted to grab her and kiss her. She is so beautiful and smart and cool. She always has been. She's completely crazy. And I that's why love her. She gave me a necklace to wear for her wedding and I look at it and sometimes I feel so sad. I will never get to be with her. In a way though we sometimes are closer then a couple. We talk everyday. When she had a miscarriage and stayed in the hospital, I was there all day with her. When she's sad I talk to her. Granted I want to hold her but that's not to be. She's like a picture in a fancy catalog. You can touch it and admire it. But you know you just can't afford it and you'll possess it.

I don't know. Every woman I look at it or have ever been in a relationship with, I can't help but compare to her. I think I may be alone for a long time. I guess sometimes, you have to take what you can get. It's not great but it's at least better then nothing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


P.T. Barnum said, "There's a sucker born every minute." Well at least, he's credited as saying it. But is it true?

Today, as I was standing in the kitchen washing some dishes when my sister Katie comes up to me and asks me what a grant is. A fair question. She didn't know if a loan was the same as a grant. I look over and see she is holding a blue postcard.

"Well first off," I say, "that's a scam."

"No, it's not!" Katie says laughing. She's not stupid and she knows what I say is true but to a single mother, the offer of free anything is tempting.

"What do they want to give you?" I ask her.

"Well they say they want to give me a $25,000 grant...." she says, looking at it closely.

"It's a scam," I say again.

"How do you know?" asks Katie.

"It's pretty obvious," says I.

"I'm going to call them," she says laughing.

"Hang up as soon as they ask for money," I say and turn back to my dishes. A few seconds later she walks over to me.

"Yup, they wanted me to buy a book on how to get grants for $59.99!" she says still laughing some more.

"Told you," I say.

"Why do they do that?" she says. Meaning, why do the scammers scam.

"Because they know stupid people will send them money," I say and we both have a good laugh.

My sister is not stupid. She may not be a genius but she is far from stupid. Yet, Katie is a sucker. And the scammers seen to know this. Why she gets every scam known to man in the mail is beyond me. A few weeks ago she gets a letter telling her to send $1 to every person on the list and she will get a dollar and so on and so forth. The most obvious of pyramid schemes. Yet despite the fact that it is so obviously a scam, she comes to me asking if it is true.

She asks in a way that is only half serious. Incredulous is the word. Her brain is telling her that it's bumpcus but her heart is telling her that this might be her big payday. She wants to buy Maddie the things she sees in the rich person catalogs.

Unfortunately this is what makes a sucker a sucker. Suckers come in all shapes and sizes and in all tax brackets. Their brains are working at full capacity but their hearts win out each time. Now some suckers are just stupid. Don't get me wrong. Some people fall again and again because they lack the intelligence to see a scam. But most suckers are average to smart.

Take the elderly for instance. Telemarketers make the most of a smart but lonely older person. Not all the elderly, my maternal grandfather is far to miserly to ever be a sucker. My paternal grandmother could quite easily be a sucker though. But I digress.

According to Snopes: A 1997 newspaper article states: "We have confirmed losses just in the United States of over $100 million in the last 15 months," said Special Agent James Caldwell, of the Secret Service financial crimes division. "And that's just the ones we know of. We figure a lot of people don't report them."

Like most people I would have thought, morons, and moved on. That was until I saw a report on these Nigerian scams on 20/20. Some of these people included doctors and politicians! Which is when I came up with my theory of the sucker. A average to smart individual who still has the innocence to think that people are not out to do them harm.

Suckers will only fall for the same scam once as opposed to the dumbass who will fall for it numerous times and almost actively look for the opportunity to be scammed again. While it's easy to think of a sucker, like Katie, as just another dumbass, remember that suckers are just big-hearted innocents without a lot of common sense.

Remember to get those drops in to win some credits! And with that, I'm out until tomorrow. =D

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Featured Blog: Puss Reboots

Just today I entered a contest to win a book. Now I am a reader and love being one. Growing up I would read everything I could get my hands on. As an adult the habit is still there. So when I see a chance to win a brand new book that I've never even head of, I'm there. And thanks to Puss Reboots for having the giveaway. The book is entitled Church of the Dog and looks smashing. The contest is unique and thought provoking. It's not the normal, blog about this and get 10 entries, sort of thing. There is a question that must answered to gain entry.

"To qualify your comment, you must tell me something about Oregon. It can be a fact, a memory, a book or movie that takes place in the state. Be creative." Fun to think about, especially from someone like me who lives as far from Oregon you can be while still in the US. If you're a reader then check out this blog. It includes said giveaway and book reviews. And you may see something interesting that may never have come in your field of vision if not checking this site out. Puss Reboots is a great site and has something for everyone. A little bit of art, reading, and helpful writing make this site fun to read. And if you're a reader, it's a must see.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entrecard Contest + Updates

Just a little contest to brighten your day. The top dropper in a 30 day period will win, lets say, 150 credits. I'll announce in the winner in the end and award the credits. Plus I'll make that blog a featured blog with a small write up.

On to business. I haven't been writing much. Which is weird because so much has happened in my life that probably would have made a good entry. But either way, I'll be updating more soon. So stay tuned withing the next week or so for some big updates and some really big entries about varies topics.

Featured Blog: Mommy Cara Says

Check out the new link up in my header. Click it and it will lead you to a great personal blog called Mommy Cara Says. This is another great blog from the Philippines (and don't we see just so many wonderful blogs from that area!)

Anyway, this blog is a really fun read. It stars (and there just is no other word) an adorable kid named Mikel and his mom who conveniently writes for him. Lots of pictures and a lot of interesting content make this blog a true must see. How many other blogs offer a live webcam of a cute toddler just being cute? =)

The link will be up there for at least the next month, so check it out while you can.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Featured Blog: Praning's Shoutout

As you can see, a new link has made it's way into my header. It's a link for Praning's Shoutout, a well written personal blog coming out of the Philippines. It features everything from poetry, to a money saving guide, to personal opinions and thoughts. So check this blog out for a great read!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Entering a Contest

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Purchasing Ad Space

The links in my header can be purchase by an Entrecard User for the sum of 500 credits for the month. Please send me a message by commenting here or by messaging me on Entrecard.

This can also be purchased directly from the Entrecard shop

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Air Car: Wave of the Future?

Well I'm officially excited. Excited about the new car that airhead would want to buy. Why? Because it runs primarily on air. You know that stuff you breath? That could run your car for an amazing 106 miles.

According to CNN dated 8/8/08, the Air Car, as it's being called, runs more like a train then a car. Compressed air would move the cars engine pistons.

Popular Mechanics dated 2/22/08 has several great pictures and a run down of the air car's specifics.

The reason for my excitement? The reason should be obvious. Could this little car that could, be the wave of the future? A car that runs mostly on air and costs less then 20k American? The ability to drive perhaps 1000 miles on a minuscule bit of gas?

The world is in crises, even the most die hard anti-environmentalist can see that. How many more years of fossil fuels do we have left? How many more years of oil spills and digging in our most endangered spots do we have left?

This car may be be the next major dud akin to the cars that run on vegetable oil. But..... Just think about that word. Sure it could be a dud, but...... Could this car, this company the wave of the future? A future with far less environmental woes. A future with a safe affordable car that doesn't kill the environment? Could be and could be not. But I sure am excited.

This is a link to the actual website English version for the company of MDI. Thanks to a reader for posting the link!