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Monday, August 11, 2008

The Air Car: Wave of the Future?

Well I'm officially excited. Excited about the new car that airhead would want to buy. Why? Because it runs primarily on air. You know that stuff you breath? That could run your car for an amazing 106 miles.

According to CNN dated 8/8/08, the Air Car, as it's being called, runs more like a train then a car. Compressed air would move the cars engine pistons.

Popular Mechanics dated 2/22/08 has several great pictures and a run down of the air car's specifics.

The reason for my excitement? The reason should be obvious. Could this little car that could, be the wave of the future? A car that runs mostly on air and costs less then 20k American? The ability to drive perhaps 1000 miles on a minuscule bit of gas?

The world is in crises, even the most die hard anti-environmentalist can see that. How many more years of fossil fuels do we have left? How many more years of oil spills and digging in our most endangered spots do we have left?

This car may be be the next major dud akin to the cars that run on vegetable oil. But..... Just think about that word. Sure it could be a dud, but...... Could this car, this company the wave of the future? A future with far less environmental woes. A future with a safe affordable car that doesn't kill the environment? Could be and could be not. But I sure am excited.

This is a link to the actual website English version for the company of MDI. Thanks to a reader for posting the link!


marbric said...

Just one comment, your link to "this company" is wrong, the correct link is - the MDI Air Car from France

Kristen said...

Well actually if you head over to the who we are and then to the Air Car Philosophy section then it does talk about the company MDI and the founder Guy Negre. But thanks for pointing that out!

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