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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Entrecard Contest + Updates

Just a little contest to brighten your day. The top dropper in a 30 day period will win, lets say, 150 credits. I'll announce in the winner in the end and award the credits. Plus I'll make that blog a featured blog with a small write up.

On to business. I haven't been writing much. Which is weird because so much has happened in my life that probably would have made a good entry. But either way, I'll be updating more soon. So stay tuned withing the next week or so for some big updates and some really big entries about varies topics.


Pinay Jade said...

I know what you mean - same with me, lots of things took place in the last couple of months but didn't get the chance yet to write about it. I am starting to get busy with blogging again now that all my house guests are gone;)

Anyway, it's great to see u in my site;)

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