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Saturday, August 30, 2008


Well Kristen's Thoughts will be moving. I'm finally becoming one of the cool kids and getting my own domain. For the moment my site will be hosted on a free server while I test it out to see if I want to upgrade to the premium account so the name is a little weird right no. So call the next a month a test run. I may not like the service or using something other then blogger so this may not even happen.

Right now I'm setting up the site and expect it to be up in about a week. The hard part will be moving everything over there. I'll still be using this place as a backup but it won't be my blog site anymore. Kind of odd. I've been blogging on blogger for so long. Anyway, I won't be updating for a week and I think my newest blog post will be on the new site. So see you in a week!


John said...

congrats!! for your new domain.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! New domains are fun, transferring sometimes isn't. :) You are gonna do fine. Let us know wher eya go!

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