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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Two Things

First off, according to my counter, I've been precariously close to hitting the 100 unique hits for a day (so far 93 is the tops). Well the day I hit 100 visitors, I will give out 100 Entrecard credits to one lucky August commenter using a random name generator to pick the winner. So get your comments in to be considered. Each post is a entry into the name generator. But no one wins until I hit 100 people in one day! Last time it happened was in April. So lets do it again!

Second, when Maddie is gone and I'm missing her I watch a video to make myself feel better. Here's the incredibly cute video!


Renee said...

There is really nothing more wonderful than the sound of a laughing child. I love to see my sons laugh or smile. I wish they could always be happy.

Sara said...

So cute. I love it when little ones crack up laughing!

WorldmedTourism said...

Baby nice

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